Kids and adults alike love painting parties and so will you!


Join us in the studio and we will provide the materials, instruction, and fun! We offer special rates for arty party people. At party booking, you will select either a canvas or a pottery painting party. After the party is over, we've got the clean up covered! 

Parties in the studio are semi private events. While your group will have a dedicated party helper, there may be other groups or individuals in the studio at the same time. Don't see what your are looking for or are you interested in a private event? We do that too! Please contact us to discuss options and pricing. 

Our kids parties last one and a half hours while adult parties last three hours. You can bring your own beverages and snacks or we can help put together a menu for you from one of the local restaurants so all you have to do is show up. We are here for you. Please let us know if there is anything we can do to make your party the best it can be!


Parties for Kids

We offer themed party packages or we are happy to plan your party with you. If you would like your group to paint a specific piece of pottery, please specify at least two weeks in advance to ensure pottery availability. (Anything less than two weeks, we cannot guarantee the selection will be available.) For any of our parties, you may choose either canvas, mosaic, or pottery, with the exception of slime parties. Kids parties in the studio are 1 1/2 hours long. We recommend that painters are at least 5 years old and can paint independently.

Sweet Shop Party

if your little one likes sweets, this is the party for you! At the event, guests can choose from an ice cream, cupcake, or donut pottery piece or canvas to paint. (Party Tip - Instead of birthday cake bring plain frosted cupcakes with sprinkles and candy on the side for the guests to decorate their own sweet treat!)

Magical Rainbow and Unicorn Party

Join us on a colorful, rainbow and unicorn adventure at this magical party! At the event, guests can choose from a unicorn or rainbow themed canvas or pottery piece using all the colors of the rainbow to decorate their creation. (Party Tip - Sugar cones make great unicorn horns on cupcakes.)

Under the Sea Party

Guests will choose from an undersea canvas painting or a fish, shark, mermaid, or narwhal pottery piece to paint. Swim like a dolphin or sway like a jellyfish at this under the sea party! (Party Tip - Goldfish are crunchy treats that all little artists love!)

Be a Super Hero

Encourage your guests to dress up as their favorite super hero for this art adventure! Guests will select a super hero themed canvas or pottery piece to paint. (Party Tip - With a marker, Babybel cheese snacks made awesome Spiderman webs!)

Little Artists Arty Party

We will unleash the inner artist in your guests during this paint party. Guests will explore painting with different materials such as sponges and splatter tools. (Party Tip - Instead of cake, bring cupcakes with a variety of frostings, sprinkles and edible glitter for your starving artists to decorate!)


Slime Party

Get ready for ooey gooey fun during this slime themed party! Guests get to make and take home 3 non-toxic slimes that they will customize with color, glitter, and confetti. *Please note that guests will not paint on canvas or pottery during our slime parties. (Party Tip - Instead of bringing cake, bring already made edible starburst or gummy bear slime!) 


Kids birthday parties are $25 per person with a minimum of 10 attendees / maximum of 25. The cost of all parties includes a canvas or a piece of pottery, all paints, supplies, instruction, firing and glazing. (Have less than 10 attendees? Feel free to drop in and paint during any of our drop in studio hours.)

A $100 deposit is required to reserve a party date. Deposits are non-refundable and are applied directly towards your party the day of the event. We will give an in-store credit if you need to cancel two weeks prior to the event however store credit will not be issued for parties that are cancelled within two weeks of the party date.

If you would like us to pre-draw canvases for your group, there is an additional $5 fee per guest which is billed at the time of the deposit. 


Parties will begin at the start time. You are welcome to arrive 15 minutes before your event to bring in food or decorations. If more time is needed, just let us know. Please ask your guests to arrive on time so that everyone may enjoy the party together.

Due to space, are parties are considered "drop-off" and are limited to up to four non painting adults during the event. 

Parties for Adults


Paint parties are a fun way to get together with friends and family to celebrate any occasion! We have hosted couples events, ladies night out, birthday parties, baby showers, bridal showers, bachelorette parties, as well as corporate events. Whatever the reason, leave the party to us! 

Whether you are painting on canvas or pottery, we are happy to plan your party with you. For canvas painting parties, you may choose from our large selection of paintings or we are happy to create something unique for your event. If you would like us to create a unique painting for your group, or have your guests paint a specific piece of pottery, please specify at least two weeks in advance to ensure availability. (We cannot guarantee the painting or pottery selection will be available if requested within 2 weeks of your party.)

We love what we do and are happy to lead your group through the painting of your choice. If you would like your guests to paint multiple painting designs during an event, we would not be able to give step by step instruction to each individual. 

You are welcome to arrive 15 minutes before your event to bring in food or decorations. If more time is needed, just let us know. 

Painting will begin 15 minutes after the party start time. Please ask your guests to arrive on time so that everyone may enjoy the party together. Fellow guests will be responsible to help others that arrive after instruction starts. Guests that come more than 15 minutes before the start time may be asked to return at the party start time. In order to get ready for your event we need to set up the space which is hard to do if everyone has already arrived. 

At the time of booking, we will create an event link where your guests may register online. Guests are expected to register online at least five days before your event. Guests who register within five days of an event, or who pay in the studio the day of the event are not guaranteed a seat. Guests who pay at the studio will be charged an additional $5 at the door fee. 


Because many events are sold out, we are not able to accommodate non-painting guests at our parties.  

Adult parties are three hours long. Time in the studio past the party end time is billed at $50 each additional 30 minutes.

Pricing for the three hour adult painting parties with a minimum of ten painters:

Sunday through Thursday pay online - $30 / person

Sunday through Thursday pay at event -

$35 / person

Friday and Saturday pay online - $35 / person

Friday and Saturday pay at event -

$40 / person

For instructor led paint parties there is a min of 10 / max 40 painters. If you have less than 10 painters, the party organizer will be responsible for paying the balance.

If you know you have less than 10 guests when planning your party, please join one of our adult events or drop in with your friends and family during our drop in studio reservation needed. 

There is an additional $5 fee per canvas for pre-drawn canvases which is payable at the time of booking.

For pottery painting parties, the per person charge is applied towards the pottery piece(s) of your choice. If you select pieces that exceed the per person event price paid, we will process payment for the difference in the studio at the event. Refunds or store credit will not be given for items selected that are less than the per person charge.

Off site parties within 10 miles of the studio are billed at the same per person based on party prices above. There is a minimum of 15 painters for all offsite parties. A non-refundable $100 deposit is collected at time of booking and is applied to the $100 travel / set up fee. While creativita provides all the materials, you are required to provide tables and chairs for each painter. We are happy to travel farther. Please contact us to get surcharge pricing for locations farther than 10 miles from Forest Park.

Naughty model parties are a fun addition to any birthday or bachelorette party! A minimum of 15 guests are required and an additional model fee of $300 applies to your party. During our model parties, your group will be the only group in the studio. Instead of a traditional painting, we will lead your group through painting the live, nude male model during your event. 

Groupons, other vouchers or discounts are not accepted at any of our semi private, private, or model paint parties. 

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