3 ¼" Dia. x 3" H (6 ounces)


The design of the Owl Planter is sharp with the face of the wise old owl watching. The wings on this planter are small, exaggerating the rest of its features, and its distinct feathers make this a detailed and fun project!


This item is best painted with GLAZE. Please select 5 colors to paint with. We will include 5 - 1/2 oz. containers of glaze. We will include a 1 oz. containers of black for details, outling, or writing.


Delivery is free for orders within 5 miles from the studio. We will deliver your pottery and pick it up once you are finished painting in order to fire it in our kiln. Once it is fired, it will be out for redelivery within 2 weeks from date of pick up.

Owl Planter

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